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Slade Machamer

Slade is Essence Lab’s Co-founder and senior facilitator for individuals, couples, and groups. In addition, he’s a Level 1 trained IFS Facilitator and has completed additional training in IFS for Coaching. He has been involved in emotionally focused ‘parts work’ for over ten years serving as a facilitator, trainer, and workshop leader. In addition, he has over a decade’s experience in men’s work, and has trained in multiple schools of yoga.


Slade recently stepped from a leadership role with a global business coaching company where his last 7 years was focused on building a compassionate and highly personal culture amongst the 100+ international coaches.


Slade’s north star has always been a quest for what is most real and most vital in one’s relationship to themselves, to others, and to spirit. After decades exploring these questions in a variety or leadership, training and facilitation roles, Slade fulfilled a lifelong dream of building a healing and learning company with his wife, best friend and renowned therapist Mesha Machamer. In this endeavor called Essence Lab they weave together over 40 years combined experience working with people with the deep experience and learning of their own marriage.

















Mesha Joy Machamer MA

Mesha, Essence Lab Co-founder is a transpersonal therapist with a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS. She has worked with individuals, couples, and groups for over twenty years and has a passion for the transformational potential of relationship by using the present moment. The Relationship Practice emerged from many years of curating what works now. She is known for her unparalleled ability to meet people where they are and bring them into a new experience of themselves. Together with her husband Slade, she works with groups, Individuals and couples on the Art and Practice of relationship. 

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