IFS Therapy


Internal Family Systems Therapy, developed by Richard Schwartz PhD, is an experiential, non-pathologizing model of therapy.

IFS's deep effectiveness and inherent respect and care for the individual and their defenses has made it an integral part of Essence Labs' work with our clients whether in a 1-1, couple. or group setting.

IFS Therapy rests on the notion that we each have a spiritual essential Self, a self that embodies our authenticity and allows us to come from our soulful strengths like compassion, curiosity, and confidence. And while we were born fully embodying this Self, we soon began encountering the inevitable painful experiences that are a part of life and weren’t able to integrate all that we were experiencing.  In response to feeling alone with this pain we each developed our own system of exiled emotions and inner protectors that evolved as distinct parts of us and who work together to try to keep us safe from any further pain. Some of these parts express as addictions and other parts live in our procrastinating, not taking risks or caretaking. They come from a past where there wasn’t sufficient help to cope with what was happening to us.


IFS comes in to support you to access your Self and begin helping these parts of you to have a new experience, come out of exile, and trade protection for vulnerability.

One of the primary reasons for the profound effectiveness of the IFS Model, is that we help these defended parts not by trying to overpower or bypass them but by honoring the roles they’ve played in very tough circumstances and by developing a relationship with them. When they feel your curiosity and care and that you understand why they’re doing the job they’re doing, they let go and open up more space for your essential self to express.


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Work 1:1 with Slade to learn to

  • Grow in your ability to lead your life vulnerably and courageously.

  • Live from your Essential Self by building a relationship with the protective and hurting parts of you who need your compassion and understanding tp finally let go and make room for you.

  • Inhabit all of your relationships from your Essential Self and experience more intimacy, passion, and connection


  • 20 minute consultation: free

  • 60 minute session: $150