Couple's Mentoring Session

A safe space to….

  • Listen to each other from a new place and begin a deeper conversation about your needs, want, and fears.

  • Break through old patterns and get to the root of the issue. 

  • Discover the Real Meaning behind the Same Fight. 

  • Experience how the stuck places in your relationship give you access to deeper intimacy and connection.


  • Location: In-person or video

  • 20 minute consultation: free

  • 60 minutes: $300 With Slade & Mesha 

  • 60 minutes: $200 With one mentor

* Inquire for sliding scale and scholarships. We'd love to work with you.






Weekend Couple's Intensive


Work directly with Mesha and Slade Machamer in Ashland, Oregon to:

  • Get it all out on the table, hear each other's needs, wants, and fears, and get an intimate understanding of the terrain of your relationship. Take the first step from where you are as a couple to where you want to be.

  • What are your strengths? Where do you get stuck, how are each of your past experiences impacting the present moment and asking for your care and attention?

  • Leave with compassion for each other's journeys and a shared connection to the map that describes the third space you are tending together, your relationship.

  • Create a plan, together, for how to enter into more support and discovery together, become intimate with this terrain and grow a relationship that supports each of your individual growth and a deeper level of intimacy and aliveness together.​


Pre-Intensive Preparation with Mesha & Slade: In-person or Remote

30 Minute Exploratory Couple's Session

2- 60 minute Individual Sessions 

Customized Writing Assignments 

Intensive: In-person in Ashland 

Saturday - 6 hours

Sunday - 2.5 hours

Facilitated by Mesha and Slade

Fee: $3000

* Inquire for sliding scale and scholarships. We'd love to work with you.